the dying breath of summer and other short stories

by Steven Brown/Listen Hear Sound Projects

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This collection of sounds represents my response to the Soundscape which surrounds our lives, the everyday sounds which all in someway define our perceptual, emotional, spiritual and psychological spaces.

Almost all of the sounds contained within these recordings were captured whilst undertaking the ordinary, often tedious, repetitive everyday tasks and chores, the sort which we all carry out on most days; some were recorded because they distracted me, others as sonic memories, or as an effort towards audio ecology.

These pieces of processed sound were produced, over several rainy afternoons, as I tried to discover the hidden depths which lie behind the original source field recordings. None of the work contained here has been documented in any way, the original session files, track listings, processor and parameter settings were deleted immediately after recording. I will never be able, nor do I want to, recreate this work live, or in a studio, ever again. As such, these are recordings are brief flashes of my life which I revisited and momentarily responded to in a (physically and emotionally) different time and space.

Steven Brown - May 2010

The original source material can be found at


released July 2, 2010

Thanks to everyone who knowingly, or unwittingly, contributed to the source field recordings used on this recording.

Created using - M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 recorder, Rode NT4, and Sony ECM MS957 microphones, Sony Vaio VGN-BX51XP and VPCS11X9E computers, Tascam US-122, PreSonus AudioBox , Digi002 interfaces, Korg nanoKontrol and M-Audio Keystation. Edited using Digidesign Protools and Adobe Audition, performances created entirely on AudioMulch. Respect to the numerous creators of the many VST plugins used.



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Steven Brown/Listen Hear Sound Projects Brighton, UK

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